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Alpha International

Are you looking to bring Alpha Freezz to your country? Whether you are looking to purchase Alpha Freezz for your own store or to distribute to other stores now you can. Please review our list of criteria before contacting us.
  1. Alpha Freezz International has a required minimum for ordering, all order must be at least 1 pallet
  2. Does your country require certain certification for export?
  3. If so you must check into all requirements first before contacting us.
  4. Samples and shipping must be paid for.
  5. If you feel Alpha Freezz could be the product for you please contact us to discuss how we can bring Alpha Freezz to you.
  6. A experienced customer service person who deal's specifically with these types of transactions will assist you.
You will receive prompt responses to your questions.We look forward to helping you bring Alpha Freezz to your Country.
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